Secret Steps to Take in Getting a Music Distribution Deal


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This is the correct and best way to get a music distribution deal. I’m going to walk you through a simple step by step process to get your deal. I’m not going to tell you how important your song is in terms of it being a hit because it’s common sense. This may not work well if your song is not a hit. It must have the quality of the rest of the songs out on the market meaning it must be professionally mastered, other than that it will be to hard to push the song.You may find more information at  Music Distribution.

Step One in getting music distribution deal: Record an album with at least 15 songs because most distribution companies won’t distribute less than that. Make a CD with 3 to 5 songs. (When the time is right include the song that you will have played on the radio.) Don’t let people know which song will be played.) Promote those three songs to friends, family and the internet. Sell your music on the streets.

Step Two in getting a music distribution deal: Once you sell enough Cd’s to each neighborhood in your city, then take the song you want on the radio and get it played in the club. Do whatever you need to do to get them to play the song, it’s important when it comes to getting a distribution deal. Once he plays the song, it shouldn’t be hard for him to keep playing it. ( Assuming you got a hit and the people in the club react because you have a buzz on the streets.) If the first DJ won’t keep playing your song go back to step one and try another DJ with another song.

Step Three in getting a music distribution deal: Call an independent distribution company you’re interested in getting a music distribution deal with. You can find music distributors on the Cd’s of other artist that are in your music genre or search the library for reference books. I think books are more credible than the internet when it comes to credibility because you don’t want to get stuck with a small home distribution company that has no staff. Tell them about your music and your buzz then send them a copy of your 15 song album pressed and ready to go.

Step Four in getting a music distribution deal: Get the radio station to play your hit song. Do whatever you need to do, be creative and keep pushing your record. Start in your city and go 50 miles all around you- north, south, west, east. Get as much airplay from your song as you can. By this time, the public will be with you because a large percentage of the people will feel as though your music is moving up. Between the club play and radio play you should be getting some type of paid shows. Get local publication publicity and do all you can to make it work. Always remember to publicize before you advertise. However it would be wise to advertise on TV with a simple graphics commercial. If you don’t have the funds for this, just stick with the trade publications. Advertise on music websites because this will keep your face in front of your audience even if they haven’t heard your music. I don’t smoke cigarettes but I still know about Newport.

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