Install Windows in a New House – A Home Owner’s Guide

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I will quickly go over some few details that will help you install windows in a new house properly. There is nothing as painful as having a beautiful house leak through the windows due to improper installation.

First let me provide some basics. It generally takes about two to four hours to install a window. This means if you have 10 windows you should budget for about a day or two to finish the job. It could take longer if you are a newbie.

In terms of costs, you are most likely to spend something like $30 on other materials for the installation process. This excludes the cost of the window itself. In fact do not be surprised if you find yourself spending up to $50.

Now let me provide some specific tips on how to install windows in a house without any problems.

images (8)First of, you need to work methodologically i.e. you need to follow each step properly. I know a friend of mine who hates this and thrice he had to redo his 30 days of work. Being careful and methodological will help waterproofing and in the smooth operation of the new window.Find expert advice about O’Fallon windows read here.

When you install the new window, you need to seal the perimeter of the opening with some self-adhering waterproof membrane, some caulk and strips of metal flashing. Do not just depend on the housewrap and trim to stop leakages but use the methods I’ve mentioned above and if any rain gets through one of the layers it will be stopped by the other.

Finally, use foam insulation to plug the gap between the framing and window.

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