hiring a mover vs doing it yourself – More Info

71214684_l-Family-Unpacking-Boxes-In-New-Home-On-Moving-DayThe odds are that you don’t have a truck big enough, or enough available friends to help you move the contents of your home in a short amount of time. This is the case for most people, yet time and time again people choose to move themselves, instead of hiring professional movers.

After the move, this decision is often met with regret and it’s easy to see why. Following a move, you are sore from all of the heavy lifting, yet you can’t rest because everything is so disorganized. You have also lost out on a huge amount of time and chances are that you might not have been able to move everything in the time you had allotted to do it. This is not the end of the world if your old landlord is being agreeable, but there is also a chance that new tenants are moving into your old place and your furniture needs to be gone now! For most people, moving takes place on the weekend and if you have to give it an extra day, it might cut into your working week. This means missing out on work and missing out on pay. click hereĀ hiring a mover vs doing it yourself

So when you do the calculations, having to miss out on a day’s pay, hiring a rental truck, or doing multiple runs in your current truck all adds up. That’s why professional movers really are worth the money and won’t leave you out of pocket following your move. They will also dramatically reduce the time you spend moving. They will recommend a truck size that will be large enough to accommodate all of your furniture and they will be able to pack and unpack your belongings in a logistical manner without complication.

Professional movers are also trained to lift heavy items and will help you avoid getting an injury yourself. It will be a lot easier for you to unpack items in your new home if you are not already completely exhausted from lifting furniture. They can also provide you with insurance to cover you if your items get damaged, although given that professional movers are experts at moving, this is a lot less likely to happen than if you were to move your own belongings to your new place.

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