How To Clean Hardwood Floors-An Analysis

01-how-to-clean-vinyl-floors-mopYour hardwood floors garner gasps and wonderment from visitors and are a source of pride in your household. If they’re new, it’s likely that you’re worried about keeping them brilliant and shining. If your floors have been tread upon for years and years, you want to make sure you know how to maintain them in their best condition. Don’t worry; you don’t have to ask everyone who comes into your house to their footwear down to their stocks or stocking feet (though keep in mind stilettos can cause serious dents in hardwood floors.) There are other ways to take care of your fantastic flooring.

First, make sure you get a good broom. A good broom and the best vacuum cleaner you can find are going to be your friends in the fight for your wooden floors. The broom will help you keep dust and dirt from settling on the floors. A build up of these things will act like sandpaper on your flooring and wreak havoc. To stop a lot of dirt and dust from entering your home in the first place, get yourself a dust mat to place at each entrance to your home. This will trap it before it gets a chance to make its home in your living room. click hereĀ best way to clean hardwood flooring in a home

After you sweep, you should get yourself one of the many good vacuum cleaners on the market. Make sure it doesn’t have a beater bar. Beater bars are also known as power heads, power nozzles, or power bars. This is an air or motor driven vacuum accessory that could cause a lot of damage to your hardwood floor. It lifts dirt out of carpets but the stiff bristles can scratch your hardwood floor.

A lot of professional cleaning products can be recommended from the person who installed your flooring or you can go to your local hardware store and ask them. While you’re there, you might want to ask them about floor polishers. These will keep your floors shiny and bright. They’re also great for doing an impression of that great Risky Business move made famous by Tom Cruise. (Make sure you wear soft socks so you don’t scratch your floor!). The main thing is to keep it clean, keep dirt and debris from accumulating on your floors and get yourself a great lightweight vacuum cleaner. This will help you keep your floors looking great for years and years to come.

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