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When is it best to invest in smart home features- A Guide

A reliable home security system is an essential part of being a home owner, and selecting the appropriate door locks for your home is a fundamental factor in protecting your family and your possessions against the dangers of unwanted intruders. Understanding the different kinds of locks and where they can be put to the most effective use will help you select the appropriate locks for your own doors. hop over to here when is it best to invest in smart home features

When is it best to invest in smart home features1Building codes do not always have minimum requirements as to the level of security of a property. For example, most locks are chosen by contractors with little else in mind but the price. Intruders are more likely to enter your house if they can quickly and easily gain entrance without being noticed, whether by kicking the door in, picking the lock of a low-grade cylinder lock, hammering or drilling the weak part of the lock out, or prying the lock off using pliers. By fully reviewing your particular needs and concerns, including looking at your property from the perspective of a burglar, will help you determine what kind of security features your particular house or apartment calls for. A basic understanding of the various types of locks and lock features is the first step to updating the security level of your home. Door locks operate on a grading system; a Grade 1 lock is the most secure and strong, a 2 is less so, and a Grade 3 lock the least durable. Checking the grade of the locks you plan to install is absolutely essential. Pin locks are typically superficial locks that can be forced open fairly easily. Sliding glass doors, which usually lead inside from a patio or balcony, are best secured by pin or key locks and the further security of fitting a metal pipe down into the frame track at night or when the door isn’t in use.

When is it best to invest in smart home featuresDeadbolt locks operate by securing the door with a small metal ‘throw’ that drives into the doorframe, holding it shut. Deadbolts are the most secure locks available and should be installed on all outside doors, though certain details must be taken into consideration when choosing your deadbolts. The deadbolt throw should be a minimum 1″ long to deter intruders who are trying to spread the doorframe to release the deadbolt, and could be installed with saw-resistant pins through the bolts. The most secure deadbolt, a double-cylinder deadbolt lock, requires a key to be opened from both the inside and the outside, but can be a problem in a fire emergency (given the door is the main emergency escape route) where inhabitants must leave the house quickly and in their disorientation cannot locate the key, in which case, a thumb-turn deadbolt that can be opened without a key from the inside is the best option. Key locks give a high amount of safety control based on who has copies of the key. Make only the essential number of copies, including one spare, but have care with where you put or to whom you give the spare key. Choose your locks carefully and with consideration for both the risk of forced entry by unwanted intruders and so that those inside the home can exit the house in case of an emergency – do not trap yourself inside when trying to keep danger out.

All about Preventing against a possible home invasion

4Home invasion robberies have increased dramatically in recent years. The trend among commercial businesses has been to protect themselves with better security measures such as alarms and surveillance systems. With the increased security at commercial establishments, many criminals have started to target private residences, which tend to have fewer security measures.preventing against a possible home invasion offers excellent info on this.

Home Invasion Facts

There are many differences between a typical burglar and a home invasion robber. Most burglars fear a confrontation and therefore work while the homeowner is away. A burglar will typically look for an easy entry and an unoccupied house and will mostly work alone. A burglar will often be deterred by alarms, strong locks, sturdy doors and will most likely flee rather than face a confrontation with a homeowner. A burglar basically wants to steal your belongings but doesn’t want an altercation and will go to great lengths to avoid one.

However, a home invader is much more bold and brazen. They will target a home that is occupied, with the intent of taking control of the occupants and the dwelling. Home invaders almost always work in groups and are most likely armed with a firearm. They may choose a target based on the type of vehicle they drive, jewelry, lavish house, or other obvious signs of wealth. A typical home invader will use a ruse to enter the home rather than break in. They will pose as a delivery person, repair person, stranded motorist, salesman, etc.

The most common entry point is the front door. After enticing the homeowner to open the door, accomplices will often emerge from hiding and rush into the residence, subduing and intimidating the occupants. Sometimes they will kick in the door, but more often than not, they will use a ruse to gain entry.

The initial confrontation is usually the most violent of part of the home invasion and is the point at which the occupant’s safety is most at risk. Once the invaders have taken control they will search the home for valuables. Home invasions aren’t carried out for DVD players and big screen TV’s. They are looking for items far more valuable such as jewelry, cash, guns, antiques, or high dollar collectables. Often, they will force the occupants to provide PIN numbers and ATM cards.


The vast majority of home invasions occur when the homeowner answers a knock at the door, therefore being extra cautious about opening the door for strangers will reduce your risk significantly. However, it’s always a good idea to also fortify your entry points to prevent a forced entry invasion. Here are a few tips to help to reduce your risk and keep your home and family safe.

Avoid reckless displays of wealth and be aware of anyone following you home. If you believe someone is following you, don’t drive home; go directly to the police department while calling police on your cell phone.

44Secure your home with solid core doors, dead bolts and locking devices on all windows. All door locks should have strong door jamb with a heavy-duty strike plate to prevent forced entry. Three to four inch screws should be used to secure the strike plate.

Keep all doors, windows and the garage door locked, even while you are home. Use the peephole before opening the front door. Don’t rely on a chain-latch lock. They are very weak and can be easily broken. The peephole should have a wide viewing area. Position your porch light so that you can see people clearly through the peephole. The perimeter of your house should have ample lighting, and trees and shrubs trimmed back.

Keep the curtains or blinds closed at night. An open window can provide a wealth of information to a potential home invader; what type of valuables you own, where they are, how many people are home, the layout of your house, etc. If they can’t see into your home to gather information, they may not feel confidant targeting your home and move on.

Don’t make it appear as if you are at home alone. Even if live alone, make it appear as if other people are there by keeping extra lights on in other rooms. A home invader prefers fewer occupants because there are fewer people to subdue. Create the illusion that other people are in the house.

Escape immediately if possible. Don’t try to be a hero and stay behind with the family. If you are in another part of the house and realize what is happening, get out through a window or back door as soon as possible. This decreases the amount of time they have to burglarize the house and enables you to call for police. Staying behind only helps the invaders because now your whole family is in danger and there is no one to call police.

When valet parking, only give the valet your car key, never relinquish your house key. It doesn’t take very long to make a copy of a key, and a quick search of your glove compartment will reveal your home address on your vehicles registration card or insurance.

Have a plan in place to address safety and security issues. Make sure every member of your family knows what to do.

Always ask for ID of any one knocking at your door. Don’t be afraid to call and verify that person’s identity with whatever organization they claim to be with.

During a Home Invasion

If an intruder is able to force his way into your home, here are some tips to help protect yourself and your family. Don’t fight back or argue, cooperate with the invaders, especially if they have a gun. This will keep them calm and reduce the likelihood of a violent outcome. Complying with the intruder will also buy you some time to think and plan a potential escape when they let their guard down.

Pulling a gun on a home invader should be a last resort and only when you feel your life or the lives of your family are in danger. The use of any self defense products like a stun gun, Taser or pepper spray should also only be used as a last resort.

Avoid looking the intruder(s) in the eye. If a criminal feels you can identify him, he may react violently. Establish a code word or phrase with a friend who regularly calls you on the telephone. Should this person call during a home invasion, you could claim that you’re expecting an important phone call and that not answering would arouse suspicion. If the home invader lets you answer, you could use this code word or phrase to alert your friend to call 911.

A home invasion is one of the most dangerous and psychologically damaging crimes for a person to experience. It is often violent and leaves a family feeling helpless and vulnerable. Making sure that all entry points are secure and not opening the door to strangers at night will probably eliminate 90% of home invasions. Being smart and cautious will go a long to reducing your risk of becoming a victim and keeping your home and family safe.

Style your windows- Brief Notes

Style your windowsThe sliding window frames are suitable for homes and office buildings that have large open spaces. These can be used at areas that use two to three panels. A person can opt for these stylish windows that may open up to the garden or the balcony. If the home or office is situated at a higher level, then one can choose these sliding windows to get a beautiful view. These also enhance the look of the property. Another huge benefit of using these types is that the home gets well ventilated. These types also allow natural light to enter in easily. Though earlier, only aluminium and wooden frames were available, nowadays a homeowner has the facility of using UPVc ones. These UPVc frames are very easy to maintain. These are highly durable also. These are available in different colours and sizes. These are made from eco friendly materials and production of UPVc takes very little energy. These are very popular among the environment conscious people. style your windows offers excellent info on this

Style your windows1The sliding windows made from UPVc are wind and water resistant as well. Using these in the home ensures reduction in sound pollution also. During the summer season, the Formby residents do not have to worry about the faded window frames due to strong sun. The window frames made of UPVc do not fade like the wooden ones and hence a homeowner in Formby doesn’t have to worry about maintenance or paint jobs.

Fighting back against home flood damage – Basics

HarveyAerial-TA-840669568When we think of damage without knowing the type and reason we get scared and start worrying on the basis of assumptions only. Damages are of many kind and all of them are terrible in nature whether it is fire damage, water damage or flood damage. All of them have a great impact in everyone’s life. If appropriate measures and prevention has not been taken at the right time and you might have to pay heavy price for that. Get the facts about fighting back against home flood damage.

Let us talk about the flood damage. it is a kind of natural calamity which can come anytime and anywhere without any warning especially in the areas surrounded by the river or sea. So it is your duty that you must prepare yourself for such kind of damages. Water in your home is really a disaster situation. It becomes very stressful to discover anything in your house which is soaked by the water.

Flood has been occurred due to the inadequate capacity of the rivers to hold the high flow brought down by the upper catchments due to heavy rainfall. Moreover, protecting your home in opposition to the flood damage is less expensive as compared to repair your house.

home flooded.jpg.838x0_q67_crop-smartWell you should try to take preventions considering all the major factors. Starting from the outside of your house with the intention of stopping water gets enter into your residence. After that you must look for the internal repair of the house like leaks, cracks and incurring water damage, to fix it properly. Also water spots and cracks on the wall are the often places which allows water to flow. . Water is a natural force that will detect entrance, and allowing these things to go without repair are open appeals for entry into your home.

There are many flood damage insurance companies that would provide you the insurance at the cheapest so that you can easily recover the amount of your damage. It is advisable for the people to have insurance against the flood damage to avoid disasters which are uncertain in nature.

Get to Know About Water Damage and Water Restoration

Water Damage and Water Restoration3Has your office ever been affected by fire or flooding? The good news is that new products in water cleaning and restoration techniques have been introduced in the market, which are effective and keep one’s home and office clean and healthy again after these mishaps.Water damage can take place very quickly or may take place in years. But, it is the worst thing that can happen in someone’s home or office. But, there are many hidden effects of water damage that one cannot really notice.Water damage can be caused by various factors like flooding, rain, storm, leakage of pipes, backed up sewer line, etc. Water can go everywhere; it has no boundaries and can get collected in hidden areas. The most tiring problem with this hidden water is called mold. If you’re looking for more tips, cost effective ways to cleanup a home after a flood has it for you. Mold can be formed at any place wherever it finds moisture. Mold can cause major health related problems for families and can badly cause multiple breathing diseases like asthma, skin problems and others.Here are a few tips suggested by the National Institute of Disaster Restoration, which can be applied in different situations of water damage:

1. Water Damage and Water Restoration1Wipe out as much extra water as possible at the time of water damage.
2. Remove all lamps and wipe off water from the furniture.
3. Make sure that the AC is switched on if it’s summers, as it can act as an alternate option to dry off the water.
4. Open all drawers for drying.
5. Remove all the paintings, art objects, wall hangings, if any, from the walls.
6. Never enter a room where the ceilings are sagging from water damage.
7. Open suitcases and luggage if any and even take out the clothes from wardrobes, so that they can dry well in sunlight or air if possible.
8. Last but not the least, punch in small holes in ceilings which are sagging down. It will completely relieve all the water that has been trapped there.

But there are a few things which one must avoid at the time of water damage like:

* One should not leave any wet fabrics on the floor.
* One should not leave all the books, magazines and other colored things on wet carpets or floors.
* One must not use his household vacuum in order to take out water from everywhere.

Water Damage and Water Restoration

In case all these measures are not possible for a person who lives alone at home, as taking out accumulated water, cleaning and drying off things is a very big and tough task, then one must call a professional and reliable company like water damage restoration Houston for the best recovery of the damaged place. Hiring a company at random would not solve the problem and could even worsen things. Look for a 24 hours emergency water restoration company who can provide specialists in insurance repairing and water restoration. Look for a company which has certified technicians who can properly handle both commercial and residential water damage problems. From roofing, siding, plumbing, to exterior painting, water extraction, duct cleaning, wall cleaning and floor cleaning, one must choose the most appropriate company that is specialized in the above remedies.

paint a brick house – Important Tips

art_56dd611b8fe2cChoosing brick house colors is an important decision. Once you paint over the brick you are stuck with having a color on there for life. You will not be able to return to the original brick look, you will have to repaint if you are unhappy with your new look. This is fine since a lot of people don’t like the look of brick. So here are some tips to help you pick the best brick color. You may want to check out how to paint a brick house for more.

Choosing classic colors is a great idea. The color in this case would be red. Many people are scared by this thought as red can be very overbearing. The key is to use accent colors correctly to create a great design.

Don’t be afraid to look to other houses in your neighborhood or town for inspiration and ideas. You can usually find a lot of ideas in older neighborhoods where most homes were built using brick. Row homes are another place to find ideas. You can find uses for trim and landscape accents, as well as see which colors work best for brick homes. You can use the design ideas you find on other homes and tailor them to your personal tastes.

Consider using paint to simulate the look of stone. Gray and brown shades are wonderful for creating a look like stone and the texture of brick will help to create a great look. Now it won’t be a perfect simulation, but it will look quite good.

If you are unsure about painting your brick home, then just try accenting the brick and painting things such as doors, shutters, and window trim. As stated earlier, you can’t just remove the paint from brick once it is done. By trying it out on the trim you can decide if completely new paint is for you.

Custom Built-ins-Basic Intro

imagesCustom built-ins are extremely popular in almost every home because of their great usability and storage options. Moreover, they increase the splendor of the place. Imagine, you need a storage unit for placing big electronic apparatus in your home, but you don’t have ample space to keep it. In this case, they can be a solution to your problem. If you need beautiful storage for your favorite music system or want storage for other random things in the house, custom built-ins are the best option you can have. Entertainment systems like television and music system are mostly kept in the living room or rec room of the home; hence, it is essential to provide them a good look for enhancing the beauty of your home.If you wish to learn more about this, visit custom built-ins.

The most important thing about these custom built-ins is that you can get many things under one consistent wall. With this kind of furnishing item, you can collect the related things under one beautiful frame. This will not just eliminate confusion in the room but it will also provide your room a neat and clean look. This is certainly an attractive and functional plan, which is sure to help many people with their storage problems. If you are able to place all your things in one organized place, the whole area provides a roomy and nice feel. Consequently, your home will look much larger than it is in reality.

Custom built-ins are of various kinds, designs and shapes. As the name suggests, you need to make it in your own way and as per your needs. You can hire a carpenter and give him an exact idea and details about the furniture that you want. The custom storage units can be fixed along the wall or it can be kept at a specific division of the wall. It all depends on your needs and the decoration that you want for your home. All you need to do is communicate with your carpenter.

images (1)Manufactured media storage units are greatly prevalent in the market. There are many people who wish to install these kinds of furnishing items commonly due to the expediency that these items provide. But the advantages that one can get from using such custom built-ins are countless. You can get the unit personalized per your taste and requirements, which is absolutely pleasing for all customers. The good thing about the personalized furnishing items is that people get the chance to finalize everything about their furnishing units. These sorts of built in furnishing items can provide an ease in your life; so get them for your home without having any doubts.Custom built-ins are one of the required investments that you must make to enhance the appearance of your home. They can be built to fit your huge electronic systems where prefabricated entertainment units may not fit your systems correctly. Select custom built-ins for your house and see how affordable they can be. These are definitely the items that you must not ignore if you want to add more charm to your house.