When is it best to invest in smart home features- A Guide

A reliable home security system is an essential part of being a home owner, and selecting the appropriate door locks for your home is a fundamental factor in protecting your family and your possessions against the dangers of unwanted intruders. Understanding the different kinds of locks and where they can be put to the most effective use will help you select the appropriate locks for your own doors. hop over to here when is it best to invest in smart home features

When is it best to invest in smart home features1Building codes do not always have minimum requirements as to the level of security of a property. For example, most locks are chosen by contractors with little else in mind but the price. Intruders are more likely to enter your house if they can quickly and easily gain entrance without being noticed, whether by kicking the door in, picking the lock of a low-grade cylinder lock, hammering or drilling the weak part of the lock out, or prying the lock off using pliers. By fully reviewing your particular needs and concerns, including looking at your property from the perspective of a burglar, will help you determine what kind of security features your particular house or apartment calls for. A basic understanding of the various types of locks and lock features is the first step to updating the security level of your home. Door locks operate on a grading system; a Grade 1 lock is the most secure and strong, a 2 is less so, and a Grade 3 lock the least durable. Checking the grade of the locks you plan to install is absolutely essential. Pin locks are typically superficial locks that can be forced open fairly easily. Sliding glass doors, which usually lead inside from a patio or balcony, are best secured by pin or key locks and the further security of fitting a metal pipe down into the frame track at night or when the door isn’t in use.

When is it best to invest in smart home featuresDeadbolt locks operate by securing the door with a small metal ‘throw’ that drives into the doorframe, holding it shut. Deadbolts are the most secure locks available and should be installed on all outside doors, though certain details must be taken into consideration when choosing your deadbolts. The deadbolt throw should be a minimum 1″ long to deter intruders who are trying to spread the doorframe to release the deadbolt, and could be installed with saw-resistant pins through the bolts. The most secure deadbolt, a double-cylinder deadbolt lock, requires a key to be opened from both the inside and the outside, but can be a problem in a fire emergency (given the door is the main emergency escape route) where inhabitants must leave the house quickly and in their disorientation cannot locate the key, in which case, a thumb-turn deadbolt that can be opened without a key from the inside is the best option. Key locks give a high amount of safety control based on who has copies of the key. Make only the essential number of copies, including one spare, but have care with where you put or to whom you give the spare key. Choose your locks carefully and with consideration for both the risk of forced entry by unwanted intruders and so that those inside the home can exit the house in case of an emergency – do not trap yourself inside when trying to keep danger out.

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