Benefits of Drinking Clean Water

1Here, we look at the health benefits of drinking water. You may be surprised to learn about the importance of drinking water. You know you can’t live without it, but you may not know that increasing your intake can improve the way that you feel and even the way that you look. If you suffer from dry skin, you are probably using moisturizer. But, are you getting enough healthy fluids. The cosmetic benefits of drinking water include softer, firmer skin and healthier looking hair. You can also benefit from a shower head filter that removes chlorine. The chemical is very drying to your scalp, hair and skin. Beauty experts used to say that it was hot water that dried out the skin and the hair, but I have actually tried putting the shower on cold or lukewarm and there was no improvement, until I got a chlorine filter. Click hereĀ clean water benefits for more details.

2Now my skin and hair are soft and shiny. But, those are cosmetic benefits and we are here to talk about the importance of drinking water for you health. The complete health benefits of drinking water are discussed in a book called “Your Body’s Many Cries for Water”. It is actually a collection of studies conducted by medical experts. They explain how many of the pain sensations we experience are due to moderate or acute dehydration. Take headaches, for example. The importance of drinking water to the brain has to do with its fluid content. More than 75% of its weight is fluid. A large portion, about 50%, is found in the form of essential fatty acids. When either one is absent, the brains initial response is to produce histamines, which cause pain and fatigue. It’s a natural defense mechanism, meant to conserve fluids and prevent acute dehydration or death.

3We have learned that metabolism is slowed down by fad diets, because the body believes you have a shortage of food. The production of histamine is meant to “slow you down”, so that you don’t use up more any more liquids. So, the benefits of drinking water may include fewer headaches. Pain relievers may shut down the signal and relieve the pain, but the fatigue will still be present. That’s why several medical experts have written about the importance of drinking water to those who suffer from chronic fatigue. The benefits of drinking water apply to back pain, as well. The discs in the back are like little shock absorbers. They have an outer shell of flexible joint tissue that is filled with fluid pockets. A properly hydrated disk absorbs the normal shock of physical activity and supports the weight of the upper body.

They are self-hydrating as long as long as a person recognizes the importance of drinking water in maintaining adequate fluid levels. When a fully hydrated, the outer shell of the disc supports 25% of the weight load and the fluid supports 75%. When they become dehydrated, the shell has to support a larger portion of the load, causing pain and swelling. There are many other health benefits of drinking water, including weight maintenance and appetite control. So, remember to purify and drink for your health.

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